PECHISBEQUE   Pechisbeque emerged in the 18th century and is associated with brass that imitates gold, the so-called “fake gold”. By extension of meaning, the word is associated with objects of little value and in a metaphoric way, it is about inauthentic brightness, mystification and illusion of what is real.   This collection, PECHISBEQUE, mainly reflects the metaphorical sense of illusion associated with the expression and plays with our visual perception. Illusion is the deception of the senses or the mind that causes a sensation to be misinterpreted, it is the exchange of the appearance of reality with a false idea. This concept will be reflected through the visual perception of the observer who can visualize much more than the reality being exhibited.   The AW23’24 collection supports its creation in the use of orange, terracotta, red, blue, black and cream colors. Since the expression is an old term, it is important to present a combination of colors that make us go back in time and think about the past. In addition to these colors invoking feelings of nostalgia, the colors are based on the designer's DNA and the color palette provokes various associations with materials and patterns.   The concept is reflected in the graphics presented in the designer's characteristic jacquards. The collection presents pieces made using manual knitting and crochet techniques, where 3D effects, ladders and triangular shapes are obtained. In this collection, the designer also gave the stage to accessories made by hand, with emphasis on bags and hats.

Susana Bettencourt