Last season at London Fashion Week The Daily, Susanna Lau pointed out: “It is not a true reflection on the Designer Showrooms if there isn’t any innovative knitwear, so I picked out this cut-out top and skirt by Portuguese designer Susana Bettencourt. Known for translating the craft of bobbin lace into digital design.” For this AW17/18 WEAR’ART collection Susana Bettencourt was inspired by the playground of her adulthood: Instagram. The starting point was a conversation with instagrammer @alyssarosev on how to collaborate, from this the whole concept has bloomed into a bold and striking geometric vision of a new world. 

From one Instagram account to another the web was created and Susana found the “Elliptical Field, Site of Riverside Destiny park” in Tokyo and “Dick Bruna’s House” at the Centraal Museum of Utrecht and suddenly came to the conclusion that a new art movement has been born. Artists like @Camiellewalala, @alyssarosev, @barbican_city_of_london, @elliepritts and @danielmudlier are expressing their views and giving their input, now it’s Susana’s turn. Having cemented her status as a designer, this collection is a continuation of a new cycle for Susana Bettencourt’s designs where she can freely experiment. Being able to express her skills crossing, intersecting and fusing the fine line between technology and craftsmanship that she is so well known for. Through her handmade knitwear pieces, she now has the ability to express her views and share her process of research and understanding. It is clear that Susana Bettencourt will not be losing the experimental aspect within her design any time soon.

Susana Bettencourt