This collection was inspired by the daily hustle and bustle of contemporary societies, which live in a constant tumult and suffocating haste. We live in a time when information circulates at a dizzying pace, when we feel that the hours pass in a frantic way and there isn’t enough time for everything we have to do. It is urgent to put an end to this accumulation of exorbitant information and to the rush with which we live. Anxiety and depression are more and more frequent problems in the society in which we live, due to this eagerness and nervousness that we live in, with no time to stop, breathe and enjoy the moment. We have reached a moment when we don’t know how to stop this, we don’t know any reality other than this, always feeling that we have to do more and more.

When did we forget to live and learnt to just survive? When will we stop to reflect and realize that we must slow down this incessant pace? In this collection, Susana is inspired by this information overload and the accelerated brain syndrome, reflecting this in graphics and shapes, taking inspiration directly from New York City, one of the biggest symbols of the

Susana Bettencourt