This Susana Bettencourt's collection for AW 21/22 represents the intrusion of the fragile (and ""post-pathamic"") world of creation emerged in the frenetic rate of life. Susana was a born with the heart of knitter and trained designer, advocate of artisanal fashion always provoking the fusion of craft with the current and technological world. VALUATION. From the constant mission to avenge the Portuguese craft in the world, originated a partnership with the Peniche’s County and its center of handicraft of bobbin lace. This collaboration will be mirrored in a format never before explored by the designer, who during the process of developing this collection is met with the challenge of the perceptual appreciation of craft techniques and the exploration of its purpose nowadays. 

CONCEPT. Inspired by the plurality of the realities of modern times and their repercussion on humanity, the path of innovation is followed by the story telling through garments and artifacts that reflect the effects of this new world has on us, often, unconsciously. It is in this line of thought jacquards (the creator's brand image) appear again with graphics that do not hide what they represent, with organic stains filled with contrasting textures wrapped in handmade lace that depict how pollution affects not the brain. Synapses admit new forms in this new context and nerveimpulses are illustrated in vibrant colors that stand out from the darkness with their striking contours. From this concept is thequestionsand ors consciously slaves to our actions or simply negligent? Following this process of creation and in the form of exposure, the creator also exposes the truth, often hidden, of the creation under construction. It makes us rethink the true notionthat we have of the real manufacturing process and fills us with intrigue by comforting us with the value we give each garment. This reflection comes from an almost uncomfortable place inside: our futility.

REFLECTION. While climate change is thrown over the table in the process of discussion, the timing of discussing them is unable tounderstand that the action should have already begun. We have been urged to follow a legacy and make similar, but when everything becomes so mechanical, there is no escaping the mechanization of our own planet against us. Once again placing Susana Bettencourt at the center of the experimentation of the universe of the mesh, it is of no use the perfection of the manufacture and exceptional concession of the final result but itself exceeds the symbolic value that has it as a garment. That'swhy the awareness of reusing manufacturing waste becomes, once again, an essential resource of the designer. With AZAFÁMA, Susana intends to provoke a reflection for every decision we make despitethe frenetic pace with which modernity is governed.

Susana Bettencourt