"It could be a simulation of what would be the ideal world for Susana Bettencourt, but nevertheless, let's stop at the world of everything that we should defend and highlight. Today we see exactly what we should have defended all these years, we see that the individuality comes from multiple places, must be respected, therefore, we must be resilient but kind. “Resilient Individuality” is a toast to a multicultural era and a generation concerned with society's problems: human rights human beings, feminism or racism, like many others. The various colors combined in a peculiar way so that they can represent the whole world: from the middle of the jungle to a tennis court. 

In this way, Susana Bittencourt takes a bold step here, transporting several opposing cultures to street style. The jacquards with a strong and unique pattern, which are Susana Bettencourt's signature, in this collection embrace fused bathing suits with the new proposals for next Spring Summer 2019. Once again, he expressed his vision through the creation of textures, volumes and defined silhouettes that shape all body types, showing that mesh is here to stay. Fluid patterned fabrics, in which each pattern has a face. In collaboration with FIFITEX, the yarns were created, from the composition, branch, texture, to the colors, passing through all the stages of spinning process, making each piece unique and exclusive. "Resilient Individuals" is a journey and a safe place where all cultures combine without exception - no gender, no racism, no homophobia. "Resilient ", that's our name.

Susana Bettencourt