"It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable” Charles Darwin. With the world in turmoil, being "instability" the word of order these past years, the strategy that once was aplicable is now a dead concept. As Darwin stated, in times of change, big measurements and adaptations have to be done. From these metamorphosis stages new super humans are born and new tribes are built. Provoqued by this enviroment, Susana Bettencourt decides to change course and make her own strategy: One Season Only in which knitwear for colder and warmer times merge. “Super Human – Time to change” Collection is a tribute to all the human beings that are living in this era, where the clock is running faster and the hours of the day are not enough. Almost all population suffering from accelerated thinking syndrome, having to juggle several tasks in one, the symbology of time and clocks is now perceived as a awaken nightmare. Portugal is one of the top countries using anti-depression medication, suicide numbers are rising, and all of this due to the lack of tools this generation is not gaining in the process of growth. 

New teaching mechanisms have to be created in order to cope with this fast exposed world of social media and with these fast clicking clocks. We have to change and adapt or how else will we thrive? Shouldn’t we all stop and think? Where do we go from here? How do we thrive in the end of the day? In this collection, Susana chose to play with these symbols of time and the representation of the new super human that is now in process. As it has always been the DNA of the label, the bold graphic jacquards are the key vehicles for this message, where from analogic clock wheels with the wired graphism of digital systems, the graphics are born. The selection of yarns that incorporated every original knit of this collection have been chosen by their contrast: digital stiffness versus analogic confort. The long fluflly mohair represents the confort intersected in complexed jacquard with the Viscose Elité that structured and underlines the shapes. As always, all knitwear is designed and programmed by Susana’s team to make sure her DNA doesn’t come out adulturated. The shapes are built by draping and testing method in order to respect the “no waist” police, every thread that goes into the machine becomes part of the final piece.

Susana Bettencourt