For Susana Bettencourt, the SS21 collection represents the paradigms’ exchange through the decontextualization of one of the Portuguese symbols, our typical and peculiar Portuguese house. Susana also decides to merge in what defines her most: the emblematic handcrafted knits. The graphics and many of the pieces are possessed by crochet, giving them volume and differentiated textures. Focused on the primary colours, from a time when only the essential matters, remain between the blue sky, yellow sun, white hope, red claw, and black abyss. Therefore, through these concepts, Susana Bettencourt represents the feeling of a society in the turmoil that ends with mixed contents. During this turning era, with the new paradoxes’ emergence, the ""house"" is seen as a protection that holds us and despairs us. Being next door doesn't mean being around. On a daily life that turns the tide, the house is no longer as it once was. Today our home is distorted, has become the ""least bad"" and our asphyxiating protector who is nothing more than a safe prison. Now the greatest luxury is the window, and hope extends through it. Susana Bettencourt uses another of her collections to reflect on the current panorama, in this case, the pandemic lived by all of us. The knitwear artist is sensitive to this moment and its repercussions.

The jacquard, already recognized as the main element of the designer, takes place with graphics inspired by the molecule of happiness, combining it with digital printing, a unique element. As is usual, it presents manual knitting techniques with numerous volumes and fluctuations, representing physical textures. In this collection, he adds geometric pieces used in vanity, defining himself as a block of colors.

Susana Bettencourt uses another one of her collections to reflect on the society that surrounds her, where she is inserted. The knitwear artist is sensitive to the needs of each individual.

Susana Bettencourt