Origins of Perception


The SS23 collection supports its creation using the three colors of the digital world, deep red, forest green, vibrant blue, outlined by black and white. In addition to these colors bringing with them a nostalgic baggage, the colors that begin to build the designer's DNA, the palette transports itself to a time when the digital world is increasingly present in the life of each individual, where the bridge between digital and the physical becomes increasOrigins of Perception ingly tenuous. Known by the acronym RGB, these are the colors that the human eye perceives when it is in front of any screen, something that is part of everyone's daily life. The concept is reflected in the graphics of the designer's characteristic jacquards, always built in a pixelated universe, as well as in the pieces made using manual knitting and crochet techniques, where 3D effects, fluctuations and triangular shapes are obtained. In this collection, the designer also staged handcrafted accessories, with emphasis on bags and hats.

Susana Bettencourt