"BACK TO CHILDHOOD" by Susana Bettencourt invites you on a journey through the intricate and magical world of knitwear creation. This collection is a testament to the meticulous processes involved, from the childhood wonder that sparked the initial inspiration to the precise calculations, programming, and craftsmanship that bring each piece to life. In a time we all need to find joy again, drawing from the designer's childhood memories and imagination, this collection captures the innocent wonder and whimsy that first ignited Susana Bettencourt's passion for knitwear. Playful shapes, charming characters, and vibrant colors evoke a sense of nostalgic delight. "BACK TO CHILDHOOD" celebrates the fusion of imagination and expertise that defines Susana Bettencourt's design journey. From the initial spark of childhood wonder to the precise execution of intricate knit techniques, each step is a testament to the designer's passion and commitment to creating extraordinary knitwear. This collection is an ode to the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative spirit that characterize Susana Bettencourt's approach. "BACK TO CHILDHOOD" invites you to embrace the magic woven into every stitch, embodying the designer's belief that knitwear is not just clothing, but a canvas for artistic expression and storytelling.

Susana Bettencourt